About Flux

Hi, my name’s Kristan (yes, that is my cheesy mugshot you can see below) and I am a fully qualified, registered and insured sports therapist. I have been practicing since 2015 and after 2 years of working within clinics, sports clubs and gyms I decided to launch Flux Sports Therapy in 2017.

My core training is in sports massage and injury therapy with an emphasis on manual therapy techniques – alongside a thorough initial consultation, treatments can involve any combination of postural and functional movement assessments, muscle testing, sports massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, myofascial cupping, soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, IASTM, joint mobilisation, kinesiology taping, mobility drills and strengthening exercises. All of these techniques give me an excellent toolkit to provide the results you need!

Kristan Sports Therapist

I am a graduate of Active Health Group and a registered member of the Sports Therapy Organisation. Membership requires a minimum of 25 CPD learning hours to be attained each year, so you can trust that you are in safe hands and being treated with the most effective techniques.

Further CPD courses I have completed involve specialised assessment and treatment of the lower back/hip/shoulder, running/football/rugby injuries, kinesiology and fascial line taping, myofascial cupping, IASTM, vocal massage, lymphatic assessment and drainage, spinal manipulations.

If you are looking to claim back treatments through your work/personal health cover then you will need to check that the ‘Sports Therapy Organisation (STO)’ is included within your plan.

Flux HQ

Flux Sports Therapy is run from a dedicated professional clinic room at my private home in central Chorlton, South Manchester. It’s also easily accessible from Didsbury, Stretford, Salford, MediaCity, Urmston, Eccles, Stockport, Altrincham and Manchester city centre. There is plenty of free street parking right outside and it is only a few minutes walk from Chorlton tram stop. If arriving by bike it can be locked to the railing outside or you are welcome to bring it inside the entrance way.

Flux Sports Therapy Clinic

A Little More About Me

I’ve always had a strong interest and passion for sport from a very young age. Like most kids, I played a lot of sports and thought I was going to be a footballer. But that was before I discovered the greatest sport you’ve never heard of… Roller Hockey! I guess I was a natural on 4 wheels because before I knew it I was playing at an international level.

I played for England, competing in European and World Cups in France, Austria, Germany, Spain and even Argentina. My club career took me to Portugal where I played at a professional level for 3 years. The latter part of my final season there was plagued with injury, hence a move back to England. That period was my first real introduction to being treated with Sports Therapy and I found it fascinating. That was the spark behind my own interest in anatomy and physiology and the various ways that sports injuries can be treated.

Roller Hockey

It was after I stopped playing Roller Hockey that I changed the way I’d always trained. Wanting a new challenge, I started training to build muscle with bodybuilding style workouts and found a new passion for the gym and weight training which I have always kept up to this day. As an avid lover of sport and staying active I also regularly go bouldering, cycling and swimming, plus occasionally some yoga and basketball too.

Over and Out

If you’ve read this far, well done! I hope you found everything you needed here and throughout the rest of the site. If you have any questions, or would rather pick up the phone to book, please feel free to contact me.


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