About Flux

Hi, my name’s Kristan (yes, that is my mugshot you can see below) and I am a Sports Therapist – qualified, registered and insured of course. I have been practicing since 2015 and after 2 years of working within clinics, sports clubs and gyms I decided to launch my own business Flux Sports Therapy in 2017.

Kristan Sports Therapist

As a Sports Therapist I specialise in pain/injury management and rehabilitation through advanced manual therapy techniques, exercise based treatments and patient education – this includes any combination of physical assessment, muscle and joint testing, strengthening exercises, sports massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, myofascial cupping, soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, IASTM, joint mobilisation, kinesiology taping, stretches, mobility drills, aftercare advice and guidance. All of these techniques provide the perfect toolkit to get the results you need!

I am a graduate of Active Health Group, the highest rated Sports Therapy training academy in the UK, and a registered member of the Sports Therapy Organisation. Membership requires a minimum of 25 Continued Professional Development (CPD) learning hours to be attained each year, so you can trust that you are in safe hands and being treated with the most effective techniques.

Further CPD courses I have completed include specialised assessment and treatment of the lower back, hip and shoulder, injury treatment and management specific to running, football and rugby, kinesiology and fascial line taping, myofascial cupping, IASTM, vocal massage, lymphatic assessment and drainage, spinal manipulations.

If you are looking to claim back treatments through your work/personal health cover then you will need to check that the ‘Sports Therapy Organisation (STO)’ is included within your plan.

A Little More About Me

I’ve always had a huge passion for sport, being active and competitive from a very young age and never stopping since! Like a lot of kids, at first I though was going to be a footballer, but that was before I discovered the greatest sport you’ve never heard of… Roller Hockey! I guess I was a natural on wheels because before I knew it I was playing at an international level for England from age 15-22 (U16s, U18s, U21s and then the senior team).

I was fortunate enough to compete with England in European and World Cups across France, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy and Argentina. My club career took me to Portugal at the age of 18 where I played at a professional level for 4 years. The latter part of my final season there was sadly hampered with a couple of wrist injuries, hence an eventual move back to England. However, that period of injury and the rehab I was going through was the spark behind my own developing interest in anatomy and physiology and the various ways in which injuries, and the body in general, can and should be treated.

Roller Hockey

After I stopped playing Roller Hockey I decided to change the way I’d always trained so, wanting a new challenge, I started training to build muscle and found a new passion for the gym which led to me non-competitively bodybuilding for 10 years (age 22-32) and weightlifting (achieving max lifts of deadlift 210kg, squat 180kg, bench press 140kg which I think I can now safely say will remain my lifetime PBs). I’m now 36 and the past few years have seen a big change in my own training as my priorities gradually shifted to moving and feeling better for all-round performance and longevity. My current weekly program is a daily mobility routine, weights 3-4 x weekly, road cycling 2-3 x weekly, swimming 2-3 x weekly and some bouldering whenever I can squeeze it in. But still put any kind of sport in front of me and I’m always going to join in – I challenge anyone to a game of table tennis!

The absolute most important thing I do now though to maintain and improve my physical performance is a full body 20-30 minute mobility routine every day (this is the key folks! I wish I knew it when I was even younger too). I have done this now for over 3 years and have remained entirely injury and pain free ever since whilst still being very active every day – in fact, I genuinely feel better now at 36 than I ever have before and it’s achievable for anyone if they’re willing to put in the work (and I can help you with that!).

Over and Out

If you’ve read this far, well done! I hope you found everything you needed here and throughout the rest of the site. If you have any further questions before booking in then please feel free to get in touch.