What Treatment Should I Book?

I have a specific issue/pain/injury that needs addressing

Physical Therapy – whether it hurts when you run, jump, squat, bend, lift your arm, swing your leg, turn your head, get out of bed, sit in the car or walk up the stairs, this is the service to book. This could be a chronic problem (long-term) or acute (just happened), either way it will require an in-depth assessment and tailored treatment followed up with a personalised exercise program and guidance.

I want to improve my recovery or performance

Sports Massage – whether you’ve got tired legs that are feeling heavy or aching shoulders that are feeling sore, whether you’re about to run a marathon or lift heavy in a powerlifting comp, an intensive sports massage will keep you on form.

I want to relieve tension/soreness/stress

Deep Tissue Massage – whether you’re feeling the effects of being at the desk, in the car, on the phone, carrying a baby or just daily life in general, a deep tissue massage will get you back on track.

I want to fix my chronic back or neck pain / my back or neck has 'just gone'

Physical Therapy – this requires a proper assessment before getting into a tailored treatment followed up with a personalised exercise program and guidance. One of the best fixes for these issues is actually getting you moving and engaging deep stabilising muscles as soon as possible in a safe, controlled and progressive manner.

I want to improve my flexibility / mobility / stability / movement

Sports Therapy – this requires an in-depth physical assessment to determine any restrictions/limitations and identify the reason for those, followed by detailed guidance on stretches, mobility drills, movement patterns and strengthening exercises for improvement.

I want to improve my posture

Myofascial Release – this treatment will help to release chronically tight fascial tissue, followed up with personalised advice on stretches, exercises and lifestyle modifications to keep things improving further.

I'm struggling with neck pain, laryngeal tension or vocal performance

Vocal Massage

I have Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) or Tempromandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ/D)

Vocal Massage

I have Fibromyalgia and need some pain relief and guidance

Myofascial Release

Everything Hurts and I Give Up

Okay, we’re kind of kidding with this one and hope you’re not at that point, but never give up! Feel free to give us a call or send an email, we’re certain that there’s always something that can help, and if not we can more than likely point you in the direction of something that can.

Okay, I'm ready to book!